Monday February 18th 2019

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Internet addictions on the rise

Internet addiction is a trend that will increase as we become more and more addicted to information and technology, in general.  At least, this is my hypothosis.  As we explore the subject this month, keep in mind that internet addiction is not fully recognized as an impulse control disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition … the Bible for mental health.  But my experience tells me otherwise.

I was a techno-phobe before meeting my husband.  Now, four years later, I’m deep into the online culture.  As an administrator of a social network, I manage people whose only connection is the internet.  And I’m spending more and more free time online on this blog.  Much to my husbands chagrin.  But, to be honest here, he really helped create a monster.  So, even though the mental health community may have a ways to go to PROVE that internet addiction is, indeed, a problem … I, for one, have seen enough anecdotal evidence to confirm it for myself.

What about you?  Do you think that internet addictions are really clincially possible?  What anecdotes do you have as evidence?  We’ve all heard about extreme cases of online mania.  But what about the subtler ones?  Are online entrepreneurs guilty of internet addiction?  How about thought leaders?  What’s your opinion?

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2 Responses to “Internet addictions on the rise
John A Petrone
3:15 am February 25th, 2009

Great topic. Adiction is like a black hole. We cannot see it directly, but we can measure it’s effects. What are some of these? Temporal-spending more and more time in the habitual activity, untill and beyond the point it affects other neccessary duties. Financial-Spending more and more money on the activity. Social. -Does the activity adversely affect relationships? spousal? employment? parenting?
With that said, yes definitely I am convinced that IA (internet addiction) is a reality.
Now for that laundry I’ve been putting off……………

Alexander Kintis
3:41 am March 24th, 2009

Internet addiction is on the rise and has been for quite some time. The most popular addictions on the site we released (click my name) to combat addiction are internet based.