Monday May 25th 2015


The 9th Step: When Making Amends Goes Wrong

A bit of experience, strength, and hope when it comes to people NOT accepting amends. More on the 9th step in the 12 step program here.

1 What is my teenage girl's addiction? Help for parents to define the vice

A discussion about four (4) common teenage girl addictions, and what you can do about them. A guide on how to address exercise, internet, sex, and prescription drug addiction here.

Finding people in addiction recovery: INTERVIEW with Sober Grid

Can you imagine having a community where sober people meet? There is an APP for that! More here on finding people in the program... almost immediately.

1 How does gaming affect the brain?

Gaming can affect the brain in positive and negative ways. For example, gaming may improve visual-spatial capacity, visual acuity, multi-tasking, decision making, and tracking things. But's all about moderation. More on the brain and gaming here.

What is a Change Analysis?

The purpose of a Change Analysis in substance abuse treatment is to try to open up an honest conversation about what is really going in the mind of those we are trying to help. More about what a Change Analysis involves, and major points of discussion here.

2 The 3 most common Internet addictions to look out for

The 3 most common Internet addictions to look out for include social media addiction, net compulsions, and information overload. What are characteristics of each? We explore here.

4 Steps to overcoming an addiction

Overcoming an addiction requires that you deal with life. Five (5) steps to overcoming an addiction by dealing with the psycho-emotional problems that compel addictive behaviors here.

5 Addiction as a spiritual disease

How can we treat addiction as a spiritual disease? By shifting our focus. More on the spiritual side of addiction here.

1 Signs of internet addiction in children

A list of traits observed in children addicted to technology here. Signs of internet addiction in children and discussion about kids and technology here.

Addiction and fear: 5 ways to address fear in addiction recovery

Managing fear is an important element of addiction recovery. 5 tips on how to address fear here.

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